Evening Planetarium, show and talk from Fred Espenak at the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum’s Pennington Planetarium


Come listen to "Mr. Eclipse". Fred Espenak talk  at the  Louisiana Art & Science Museum and  see a  show in the state of the art Irene Pennington Planetarium 

Fred Espenak is a retired astrophysicist from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center where he worked with infrared spectrometers to probe the atmospheres of the planets. He is also known as “Mr. Eclipse” because of his work on predicting and observing solar eclipses. He has written over a two dozen books on eclipses including his most recent “Eclipse Bulletin: Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 April 08.” Espenak also runs 3 web sites on eclipse predictions (www.EclipseWise.com), eclipse photography (www.MrEclipse.com), and astrophotography (www.AstroPixels.com). Over the past 50 years he has witnessed 29 total eclipses of the Sun. In 2003, the International Astronomical Union honored Espenak by naming asteroid 14120 after him. His photograph of the 2006 total eclipse was featured on a U.S. Postal Service’s Forever stamp to commemorate he 2017 total solar eclipse. Espenak now lives in Portal, Arizona where he operates Bifrost Astronomical Observatory.